Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My UIFI Experience

On Spring of 2010 for the first time I was informed and offered to attend UIFI in the summer. Unfortunately, because of other commitments that I've made for that summer I couldn't attend any of the UIFI sessions. That summer two of my fraternity brothers attended UIFI and after they came back I saw some kind of change in them. The only way for me to understand what I was observing from them, was to attend UIFI next summer without any excuses.

In Spring 2011, thanks to the help of the Alpha Epsilon Pi Foundation I was given a full grant to attend UIFI Session 4. To tell you the truth, I didn't know what to expect from UIFI. I just knew that I had to have full of positive energy and positive attitude to get the real experience.

UIFI Session 4 was from June 4-8 at the Alpha Delta Pi House. The experience for UIFI started for me at the airport in Charlotte where I've meet three other UIFI participants. We all were in the same flight to Indianapolis and had no idea what to expect from the entire session and day 0 of UIFI. It was very comforting to be able to connect with other Greeks before getting to UIFI.

One of my brothers',  Ralph Landau, from my chapter attended the same session. We were both representing AEPi and FAU. At first when I signed up for UIFI I thought it was wrong to attend same session with someone from my chapter and school, but I think it was extremely nice to be learn so much each day and then be able to share some of my feelings with one of my own brothers.

I've attended different fraternity and sorority programs throughout my college experience, but there is nothing that can beat UIFI. Some of the greatest things that I've gained from UIFI were more tools to keep running my chapter in the right path, the new friendships, and be able to share some of my personal and chapter flaws with other greek members there at the conference. There is so much more that is gained throughout the conference, but it all depends in the individual. Something that I want everyone to understand is that the UIFI experience doesnt end in Indianapolis within the five days you're there. It continues everyday when its implemented to your chapter or your council.

I have lots of plans for the upcoming semester after attending UIFI. Hopefully my chapter keeps growing and also Greek life at FAU keeps creating great leaders.

Martin Volinsky
Alpha Epsilon Pi , President
Phi Alpha Chapter
Florida Atlantic University

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